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Announcing the Winners of the 2010 National Flute Association Professional Flute Choir Competition CONGRATULATIONS to Renee Baldridge, Yuki Fujimura, & Darrin Thaves

The Pacific Flute Ensemble is a group based in Long Beach, CA and has been performing together for nine years. Comprised of students from eighth grade to retirement, the group rehearses weekly and performs three concerts each season. Five years ago the PFE performed at the National Flute Association Convention in Las Vegas and will be performing at the NFA Convention in Anaheim in the summer of 2010. Always striving for excellence, the group has become a wonderful, supportive environment to grow as flutists. Contact Darrin about Pacific Flute Ensemble:lbfluteman@verizon.net

"The Pacific Flute Ensemble, one of just a few flute choirs chosen to perform at the recent National Flute Association convention in Anaheim, played a fabulous concert on August 13th.  Their program was varied, showcasing their ability to seamlessly move from one style of music to another. Under Darrin's expert leadership, the group radiated professionalism in their stage presence, intonation, interpretation and overall musicianship.  Last but not least, they really connected with the audience and communicated all the moods of the program on a deeply meaningful level.  Bravo!"
.......Deborah J. Anderson, composer

"Congratulations to the Pacific Flute Ensemble for an outstanding performance at the 2010 National Flute Association Convention!  It is very inspiring to see and hear such a fine ensemble with both student and adult members.  Your program was a perfect blend of standards with newer additions to our repertoire that highlighted the choir’s excellent technical ability and precision, balance, intonation and musical interpretation."
......Kelly Via, National Flute Association Flute Choir Coordinator 

 "That was a brilliant, amazing performance!   All the playing, whether from high, middle or low flutes, was vivacious and highly polished, and there was an unusually perfect balance between them.  The sound was gorgeous, with a real bloom throughout the range.  Thank you so much!"
.......Andrew Downes
, composer




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Yuki with composer James Christensen PFE with Deborah