CSULB Flute Competition

We regret to announce that there will not be a 2018 Competition.

2016 Winners

High School Competition

1st Place
Arin Sarkissian – Gaubert Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando

2nd Place
Amy Choi – Nielsen Flute Concerto (mvt. 1)

3rd Place
Tanner Yamada – Ibert Concerto (mvt. 1)

Honorable Mention
Magenta Money – Ganne Andante et Scherzo
Emily Angstreich – Gordeli Flute Concerto

Middle School Competition

1st Place
Dianne Seo – Faure Fantasie

2nd Place
Aaron Liu – Taktakishvili Sonata (mvt. 3)

3rd Place
Melinda Zhu – Reinecke Flute Concerto (mvt. 3)

2016 Adjudicators:

Dr. John Barcellona – Professor of Flute, CSULB

Rena Urso-Trapani – Instructor of Flute, CSULB

Darrin Thaves – Instructor of Flute, CSULB

Competition Eligibility

Participation is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will accept sixteen (16) applications for each area of competition.

Middle School Competition
Grades 6 – 9

High School Competition
Grades 10 – 12

Selections should last no longer than seven minutes.

The participation fee is $35.00.

Please make checks payable to: Darrin Thaves

If you have questions, please contact Darrin Thaves: lbfluteman@verizon.net